En Suite

Elwood bathroom renovation cost

Creating a highly functional en suite bathroom can be a challenging. These bathrooms usually are attached to the main bedrooms, and therefore tend to be smaller and more compact than the main bathroom.

Therefore it’s important to make sure you hire only the best contractors that can create a space that is pleasant to live in. If you feel like your en suite bathroom needs a makeover,  we are here to help.

At Elwood Bathroom Renovations we specialise in renovating en suite bathrooms for our customers all over Bayside and Melbourne.

Here is what we can do:

  • Create floor space: we use wall hung bathroom vanities to free floor space. Besides, we use small-sized fixtures like bathtubs, basins and toilets. Such fixtures have a small size, making them perfect for en suite bathrooms.
  • Colour up your bathroom: as part of our bathroom renovations, we employ creative décor schemes to make your space more functional and spacious– for instance, consistent colour themes, primarily neutral colours. Such colours make the room appear spacious.
  • Light up your bathroom: natural light will make your ensuite bathroom appear larger and welcoming. If possible, our bathroom designer can add a window for more lighting. However, if it is practically impossible, our bathroom renovator can install a skylight. Besides, we use plenty of bathroom mirrors to reflect light.

A functional ensuite bathroom is as a result of a practical approach and careful design work. As such, we consider practical elements when planning ensuite bathroom renovation ideas.

Your ensuite bathrooms should reflect your personality and tastes and compliment the bedroom that is adjacent. We choose high-quality materials, fittings and fixtures to ensure it reflects a luxurious profile. But we work with your ideas too.

How will your ensuite bathroom look if it had a frameless glass shower screen?

A touch of elegance plus a spacious feel, which you can’t find by using a curtain. 

We let you decide whether to add luxury items – specific lighting, a piece of artwork or vase of fresh flowers. Trust us; it brings a difference.

Visit our website gallery and check out our ensuite bathroom renovation ideas. Give a call.